6 Ways to Finish Summer Strong

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Seasonal transitions can be stressful for even the most prepared and organized person.  By realizing stress is just energy un-directed, we can get at the helm of our ship, and point the sail directly toward productivity. 

Here Are 6 Ways to Finish Summer Strong:

1.) Get Grounded: Start with your space.   Clutter in the home, can cause distractions and zap time from your priorities.  Why not a fall cleaning, Dispose, recycle and donate anything you don’t need or won’t use.

2.) Start a checklist  I keep a running list with sections for Kids, business and household. Even one checkoff gives a sense of accomplishment.

 3.) Rest Your Mind:   Take 5 minutes in the morning or when you can to sit and Breath.  Slow inhalations, soft exhalations through the nose, (Ocean Breath)   When your mind wanders Bring it to the Mantra OM YA!“, meaning “I am Strong“.

4.Eat Clean:  By planning at least one meal a day ahead you won’t get hungry and eat something unhealthy.  Try eliminating red meat, boxed prepared foods and sugary sweats.  Add more veggies and fruits to all of your meals.

5.) Move:  Walking, running, taking a class, doing a video, soccer with the kids.  When we move our body, we gain control to shift our energy

6.) Connect:  Fall is the perfect time to reconnect with school friends and work buddies. Having connections with other individuals makes us feel a sense of well-being, a validation that we aren’t alone.

“Till I loved I never lived – Enough”  – Emily Dickinson

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