Mojo Mantra


This week I will be positive, productive and playful!

The Power of 3 P’s!  Did you know that our self-talk can really inspire us to live happily?   When we focus on the good things we have today, nothing will get in our way:-)

Anything we put in our mind can create a ripple effect in our lives.   So when you say I am sick, or I am tired, then you are giving yourself permission to feel BLAH.   However, when you say I AM healthy, I AM strong, I AM productive…..You are bringing all that goodness into your life.

So often when things don’t go our way, we let that affect our internal voice.  If we keep our internal voice healthy, our outer world will shine brighter and open up the doors of possibility.

When things are going well we feel lighter and hopeful.    A healthy mind compliments a healthy body.

Using MOTION to create positivity is a great tool to have in your tool box. MOTION can be moving from one room to another, or taking a walk, just get up and go.   Notice how movement can shift you back to your true self and lets your energy radiate to those around you.

To your success!

Tracey G.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree



You know the saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” When it comes to our eating habits, quite often this can be true. The way we grew up and our emotions around food usually are taught from our parents. If you are having any struggles with your eating habits or your children’s eating habits, it’s a good thing to take a look back at how your childhood experiences influenced your current views. This being said, whatever negative habits or emotions around food that you’ve developed can be changed for healthier ones. Even more so, we can set the stage and improve the future of our eating and our children’s eating by bringing awareness to our patterns. We all want to live happily, so adding healthy eating patterns to our life can really make a difference in how much energy we have and our mood. Knowing YOU are in charge of your emotions around food and letting go to BE PRESENT at the table will make the difference.

Let’s start with our kids; do you have anxiety over what your kids are choosing to eat?

  • Most parents would say yes, and that’s because kids go for flavor, cravings and taste before they use their minds and think nutrition. This is where we come into play by not letting them see or notice our anxiety by offering healthy alternatives and turn eating the healthy alternatives because we like them and they fuel our bodies and mind. If the children see you react, then they think it’s forbidden and want it more. Save the lecture and explain the difference of having a healthy snack such as fruit and yogurt versus a cupcake.
  •  If snacking gives you anxiety then break them down to mini meals. Chances are if you or your children are hungry, you need to eat. By saying no to a snack you are only suppressing your metabolisms and creating negative emotions around food. By eating a mini meal (aka real food) you will know if you or your child is actually hungry.
  •  Set a designate time for meals. By having breakfast, lunch and dinner around the same time, your body and mind will have a natural rhythm and this may help avoid unnecessary snacking. If however you or your child were particularly active or had irregular sleep then the body may need more food before the designated time. As long as you are aware of such activity you can make arraignments for a healthy snack or earlier mealtime.

By approaching food with awareness and listening to our body we can teach our children and those around us how to have a healthy approach to food. Listening to our hunger signs and making healthy choices is really the key to controlling anxious or emotional eating.

The Take 3 method from my Tabata Bootcamp training is what I use when I am not sure if I am making a healthy decision.

  1. Am I hungry?
  2. Is it smart?
  3. How much do I need?

Those 3 questions can bring awareness and control so you can feel confident you are making the right choices for your healthy diet. If we are going to change how we eat, then it starts with changing how we think.

Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” – Hypocrates

I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below!

Tracey G.

A Fat Free Snow Day

Are all these snow days dampening your spirit, or are they giving you a much needed break to the routine? It’s how you answer that question that may affect the amount of fat you accumulate around your mid-section.

You may be aware that just diet and exercise are only one component to get you fit.

The big picture, when it comes to loosing fat is keeping your hormones at an even pace. The good news is a few minor tweaks will set you on the path for success.

Here are a couple suggestions, including my favorite number 5!

1) Sleep in!
You know you have a delay or school closing, so why not catch up on a few zzzz’s. Sleep also helps regulate your metabolism and sets your rhythms so you can be alert and healthy.

2) De-Stress
The stress hormone cortisol blocks your efforts to lose weight by slowing down your metabolism. High cortisol can trigger stress eating by stimulating cravings for high-fat and high-carb foods. Managing stress on a snow-day, can be an early morning break if the kids sleep in. A mid-afternoon tea or meditation.
For info on how to sit quiet try downloading the APP (Headspace) for free.

3) Cook something
A snow day means you are all stuck inside. Without a hectic routine, this is a great time to cook because you can take the time to try a new recipe or involve the kids. Wholesome slow cooked food made with natural ingredients gets us healthy and fit.

4) Eat Protein for breakfast:
Jump start your metabolism! Eat protein within 30 minutes after waking up to start burning calories and keeping your sugar levels even. Try eggs, yogurt, or any type of nut butter are excellent choices.

5) Get up and move!
Exercise is so beneficial to cognitive function and can ward off boredom by stimulating creativity. Shorts bursts of movement are proven to burn more calories and create lean muscle than steady state workouts.

Try one of these:
a. Shoveling burns up to 400 calories an hour and uses almost every muscle in the body.

b. A quick walk in the snow is similar to walking on sand. It recruits more leg and core muscles than ordinary walking.

c. Sledding and Skiing are both a great bang for the buck because it’s family time and a calorie burner.

d. For an Indoor workout try a 20 minute Tabata workout, a game of tag, or freeze dance with the kids!

“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.”






On the first day of Fitness my Trainer gave to me…

1.         A Partner to work out with me

Having a healthy support system keeps you motivated, and on the right track.

On the second day of Fitness my Trainer gave to me…

2.         Dumbbells  

Adding resistance, weights, tubes, body weight, builds lean muscle tissue, burns more calories, increases bone density, and makes you stronger.

On the third day of Fitness my Trainer gave to me…

3.         Hours to eat within

Eating every three hours keeps your metabolism churning and working at a higher rate. (

On the fourth day of Fitness my Trainer gave to me…

4.         Times a day to sit up straight

Activate those spinal muscles, alleviate back strain, look taller and feel better in the process.

On the fifth day of Fitness my Trainer gave to me…

5.         Ways to stimulate your intellect!

Read books, learn a new trade, find a hobby, take an Adult Ed class, or start up a musical band!

On the sixth day of Fitness my Trainer gave to me…

6.         Days to exercise

Try to move your body every day, even if it’s not a “workout”… ex: a walk, washing the car, sledding with the kids.

On the seventh day of Fitness my Trainer gave to me…

7.         Solid hours of sleep

8 hours are preferred, but 7 without interruption will help.

On the eighth day of Fitness my Trainer gave to me…

8.         Bottles or cups of water daily

Our body is 60% water. Increasing your intake helps your organs, skin and metabolism.

On the ninth day of Fitness my Trainer gave to me…

9.         Inches lost

Drop the scale…muscle weighs more than fat. If your clothes are fitting nicely you are losing inches.

On the tenth day of Fitness my Trainer gave to me…

10.       Mind/Body classes

Mix it up! Try new things like Yoga, Pilates, even Martial Arts, if challenging, may help you achieve new fitness goals.

On the eleventh day of Fitness my Trainer gave to me…

11.       Deep Breaths

Stress can lead to many problems including hypertension, stroke and other illness. Try to find some time to unwind, giggle and reflect!

On the twelfth day of Fitness my Trainer gave to me…

12.        People shouting…You go!!!

A healthy lifestyle not only makes you feel better, it makes your entire world brighter!

Enjoy the Magic of the Holidays!

Transform YOUR Lifestyle This Season! BeFit Westchester Winter Schedule Is Here!



This winter BeFit Westchester is offering a new series to GET IN SHAPE and STAY IN SHAPE! If you’re looking a head start on that New Years resolution or just want to stay active the Transformation Series will be great for you!

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FitWalk Fall 2013 Is Here!


FitWalk to wellness is in it’s second season. Our program is a 8 week series to help you release negative thought patterns and replace them with new beliefs so you can improve your life like never before. This course is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual exercises that are intended to empower you to live a life you love in a body you love.

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6 Ways to Finish Summer Strong

Screen shot 2013-09-07 at 11.27.54 AM


Seasonal transitions can be stressful for even the most prepared and organized person.  By realizing stress is just energy un-directed, we can get at the helm of our ship, and point the sail directly toward productivity. 

Here Are 6 Ways to Finish Summer Strong:

1.) Get Grounded: Start with your space.   Clutter in the home, can cause distractions and zap time from your priorities.  Why not a fall cleaning, Dispose, recycle and donate anything you don’t need or won’t use.

2.) Start a checklist  I keep a running list with sections for Kids, business and household. Even one checkoff gives a sense of accomplishment.

 3.) Rest Your Mind:   Take 5 minutes in the morning or when you can to sit and Breath.  Slow inhalations, soft exhalations through the nose, (Ocean Breath)   When your mind wanders Bring it to the Mantra OM YA!“, meaning “I am Strong“.

4.Eat Clean:  By planning at least one meal a day ahead you won’t get hungry and eat something unhealthy.  Try eliminating red meat, boxed prepared foods and sugary sweats.  Add more veggies and fruits to all of your meals.

5.) Move:  Walking, running, taking a class, doing a video, soccer with the kids.  When we move our body, we gain control to shift our energy

6.) Connect:  Fall is the perfect time to reconnect with school friends and work buddies. Having connections with other individuals makes us feel a sense of well-being, a validation that we aren’t alone.

“Till I loved I never lived – Enough”  – Emily Dickinson

5 Healthy Ways To Press Reset!

Sometimes life starts to swirl out of control around us and we can get caught up and swirl with it or press reset.

There are some days I have to press reset twice and others times I can go a week just flowing through life.

We all can get tangled up in the web of life and even though it’s not our intention we can go from healthy behaviors to damaging ones in the blink of an eye. If you notice you are getting stressed or your hair is standing up then stop and press RESET.

Read more for some tools I use to help bring myself back to healthy awareness, so I can concentrate on what matters most!

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New FitWalk Summer Series! Join Today!

Are you ready to get challenged this summer?  Sometimes we have to get out of our own way to receive renewed energy.  When we stop fighting and start flowing, our mind lightens up and the universe stands by our side.   Come learn that you are Wonderful and that you create your reality, not your environment.   FitWalk meets Tabata Bootcamp. This 5 week program can take the fittest to the most deconditioned and help them become the best they can be.   We will work interval training at the intesity that works for you.  You will get stronger, faster, receive more oxygen, gain flexability, strengthen your core, shed pounds and feel really really great about the person YOU are!   Studies show people who train in a group setting come more often, work harder, have fun and see real results.   Before life starts getting you down…stand up tall…sign up and feel that surge of energy like a firecracker! Check out Lisa’s testamonial below!

More Intense,  More individual attention, Work at the Level for YOU!

Classes will all be outdoors at the beautiful Duckpond (unless the conditions are really wet or too hot), then we are indoors.  Same format indoor and outdoor!

FitWalk meets Tabata Bootcamp® 

July 9th, 2013 – August 8th, 2013

Tuesday & Thursday: 9:30-10:30 am

Saturday: 8:30-9:30 am

Unlimited – $180.00 

Twice a Week FitWalk Package – $125.00

Once a Week FitWalk Package – $80.00

Kids home for the summer?

Have no worries, we are now offering babysitting for our Tuesday and Thursday classes! We will have all sorts of activities for the kids while you get your work out in!


$5.00 for ONE CHIILD

$8.00 for TWO CHILDREN


We will accept cash at the location.

Purchase here!

This is a committment to see results, all summer packeges must be used before the end of August. The body is yours! Do the work and enjoy life!

Sharpen The Saw! Plus Free Tabata Workout

The summer of my junior year of college I was a swim instructor at a local day camp.   I had so much fun teaching the kids their strokes and how to breath and blow bubbles.  I grew up swimming in a lake,  being in the water felt very natural.   Now that my kids are becoming strong swimmers, I find myself in the water again, not teaching, but actually swimming.  This past week I swam a few laps and besides my goggles fogging, I was having a hard time finding a rhythm.  The woman in my same lane asked if she could offer some advice.  “Sure” I said, thinking to myself with my ego of “I used to teach this.” Turns out she was a former triathlon winner!  “You need to re-learn the breathing in freestyle”, she said.  She then went on to demonstrate and then watched me carefully to see what I was doing that might harm my stroke. I listened to her and was open and receptive. I learned what I was doing wrong and found out I had created a couple bad habits along the way.  My breathing technique in water will take practice, but will be so worth it to add fluidity and duration to my swims.

We can all continue to learn, grow, and sometimes re-visit activities that make us happy.  To “Sharpen the saw” as Steven Covey put it, is to breath life into anything we do.

If we want to change, we can’t keep doing the same activities at the same intensity level and expect to get fit.

I recently took a training in Tabata Bootcamp. Tabata is a method of training offering short intensity bursts with recovery.  This type of training, pushes you to work a little harder for quicker results and lean muscle build up without the bulk.  We have added the Tabata method into our FitWalk® program in 3 separate blocks so even a beginner can keep up and gain the benefits!

Below are more details from Tabata Bootcamp on how this type of training is more effective in a short period of time to increase the metabolism vs. steady state workouts like walking or running.   If you want to Sharpen your Fitness Saw…This is the way to do it!

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