Are you sabotaging your weight-loss efforts?

It’s not what you are doing but what you aren’t doing that might be holding you back from getting in shape.

Here are five game changers in the world of health, fitness and weight loss:

1. Are you drinking enough water? Our bodies are 60% water. Drinking pure H2O rids the body of excess toxins and helps elevate your metabolism. Yes, an afternoon iced tea or coffee is harmless but watch out for those lattes and sodas – even diet soda tricks the body and can backfire.

2. Are you moving enough? You have finally committed to some form of consistent workout which is wonderful, but are you sedentary the rest of the day? Our daily activity level plays a huge role in our overall health and wellness. Think of ways to add in a short walk – incorporating any extra movement throughout your day is great!

3. Can you change it up? If you have reached a plateau, just a slight increase in your intensity or focus on your form will make your body work harder and burn more calories. Adding heavier weights or extending the duration of your workout further enhances this process. Even a small tweak will give results!

4. What are you saying to yourself? If you are saying “I’m fat” or “I’ll never look good,” no wonder nothing is happening for you. Avoid any negative self-talk. Nip it and instead try “I’m working out to get healthy” and “I love the way I feel during my workout” and “I’m am getting stronger every day and I’m going to continue so I can see results.” Be unstoppable! Positioning self-talk works!

5. Stop! Are you always too busy running here and there? When we stop and take a minute to be really present we calm our nervous system down. This regulates the cortisol levels which store fat in your body. So…take a daily mental health break. Allow your mind to rest by focusing on your breath or just tuning into your surroundings – studies show that just three minutes a day will improve your health!

We hope you find this helpful and can implement some of these ideas into your healthy world!

Keep up the fit!

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Healthfully yours,


Get on the Dance Floor!

Tracey Broken Leg

This past weekend I was at a family wedding and had the great good fortune to meet an exceptional women who happened to be in a wheel chair due to a permanent condition.

As I watched her wheel out onto the dance floor and let loose, dancing exuberantly in the wheel chair, I couldn’t help but sense the incredible positive energy she felt about being alive. In the here and now. No holding back, and no excuses.

Naturally, that inspiration got me out on the dance floor on my crutches, which was tricky, given all the moving feet flying around me, but exhilarating nevertheless! I thanked her for being such a wonderful inspiration, both in the moment and how the impression stayed with me.

My recent experiences with all the challenges that a busted ankle entail have shown me the true value of adversity, not that my circumstances have been all that bad in the grand scheme of things. But life-events that leave us in a diminished state, temporary or not, can serve as wakeup calls; stark reminders of how all the other wonderful, trying, challenging, uplifting, and sometimes exasperating or depressing facets of our lives are still there. Still there for the taking, and still there for the experiencing.

It was a perfect wakeup call for me. A recent visit to my orthopedic surgeon so that I could finally get the cast removed had frankly left me a little frustrated. When I looked at the x-ray, I noticed two bars across the front of my ankle that looked like nails. How could he not have mentioned that “hardware” in addition to all the screws? Or did I just blank it out? Either way, it was distressing, to say the least.

And then I learned that I will need to have them removed — separate and apart from removing the screws — if I’m going to get back the full range of motion in my ankle.

Oh, poor me!

Watching my new friend at the wedding completely put me straight. Like a perfectly timed slap in the face.

We all have obstacles, some more lasting than others, and some that are truly debilitating in a way that cancels out certain options in life. But for most of us, the great majority of barriers that pop up never rise to the level of representing excuses to avoid embracing life. I may need my crutches right now, but that doesn’t give me an excuse to stay off the dance floor.

I realize that the more I objectively focus on the facts, as opposed to subjectively focusing on the things my emotional self wants to highlight, the more I am able to ‘be present’ to my life. And enjoy it! — despite all the mishaps, foibles, disruptions, surprises, detours, stumbles, errors, triumphs, breakthroughs, brick walls, aha! moments, oh no! moments, heartbreaks, oops moments, “wish I could take it back” moments, doubting moments, ‘wow I didn’t see that coming moments,’ and ‘gee, I have a barrier to deal with’ moments.

There is a way of looking at things that says, “fate hands us the lessons we need to learn at just the right moment we need to learn them.” Whether that’s true or not, I certainly feel like my new friend handed me a life-lesson that was right on the mark. Perfectly timed.

Our put a pebble in your shoe that was sent on Tuesday takes this thought to another level. I encourage you to read it — life hands us these opportunities all the time, and mostly we squander them. Time to not squander them!

Healthfully yours,


A Love Selfie

“To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven. Don’t wait until you die.  If you wait, you die now, if you love, you live now.”

Alan Cohen

Brene Brown, Author of The Gifts of Imperfection tells us one of our greatest fears, is to not have truly meaningful relationships.

In order to have truly significant relationships we need to begin with loving ourselves. All areas of our lives can improve from self-love.  Once we recognize this and give ourselves love, much of our lives will improve.

It’s okay to put yourself on the front line. Ask yourself “what can I do to show myself self-love right now”? Can you choose a healthy dinner to make, take a walk outdoors, meditate, sing, take a nap, call a friend?  Give yourself a “time-out”. Start to think about the things you can do that help YOU feel love for yourself.

Here are 3 ways to create a practice of self-love:

1.   Clarity:     Take a moment to sit quietly with yourself.  Place a hand over your heart and close your eyes.  (this will help secrete the hormone Oytocin, giving you a calm sense of well-being)   Focus on any area in your life that you are struggling with-imagine if the issue was no longer a problem and it was thriving.    How would you feel if it’s no longer a problem?    Allow yourself to feel that joy and completeness.

2. Compassion:    We all mess up, it’s human, we get angry or say or do something stupid and out of character.  Did you snap at a waiter?  Yell at at a loved one?   Cut yourself some slack.    We all do it.  Forgive yourself for messing up, you are still love worthy. Break the pattern.  It’s okay, you can still love yourself and move on.

3. Care:   We have to care for ourselves the same way we would for someone we love.    We wouldn’t put down  our child if they broke a glass or did a sloppy job on a project.    No, instead, we’d tell them it’s okay honey, you’ll improve or do better next time.    It’s not the end of the world.    To be able to care for ourselves, to step away and see ourselves from the outside and then be loving with who we are. 

You yourself are deserving of the same love and affection you give,  give yourself some love and see if that love will sprinkle in all the other areas of your life.

The 13 Days of “Healthierness”

Hope you’ve been having a truly wonderful holiday season! With all the feasting and good cheer- I have a little present to help bring you into the NEW YEAR!

The 13 Days of “Healthierness”TM

Sung to the tune of “The 12 Days of [Whatever Holiday You Celebrate]”

On the first day of healthierness my trainer said to me:

Do some pushups every single day

Pushups are the single most comprehensive exercise that you can do because they affect just about every major muscle group. Approach it at your own level! If that means starting with your knees on the floor, so be it-you’ll feel totally empowered when you work up to raising your entire body weight. The value of this exercise is a solid “10”!

On the second day of healthierness my trainer said to me:

Get two dumbbells so you can build lean muscle

Resistance training helps to maintain and combat the loss of muscle mass by increasing muscular strength. Lifting, curling and pulling and pressing weights will put lean muscles on your skeletal system. Plus, dumbbells work the glamour muscles when lifted to the front, back, or side, or straight up-start pumping!

On the third day of healthierness my trainer said to me:

Three’s a crowd, and that can really help

It’s not always easy to motivate yourself to get all the exercise that’s good for you. Surrounding yourself with motivated people by attending fitness classes, or by inviting friends to do active things biking, hiking, or shooting hoops, are surefire ways to inspire yourself!

On the fourth day of healthierness my trainer said to me:

Eat four times a day for better health

The old idea of eating three meals a day was never based on any real scientific evidence, yet many people still stick with that routine. Four times a day is most likely healthier…about every three hours…and it’s probably best to eat “while the sun is shining.” (There is growing evidence that it’s healthier to eat only during daylight hours.)

On the fifth day of healthierness my trainer said to me:

Take five steps for every minute of sitting

A lot of us do a lot of sitting, whether it’s at a desk or behind a steering wheel…and that’s not healthy. Take as many breaks from the routine as you can, and make a point of walking during those times. If you sit for two hours, during your break try to take at least 600 steps before you sit down again. (If there isn’t enough time, try to make up for it later.)

On the sixth day of healthierness my trainer said to me:

Pick six times a day to work on your breathing

Deeper breathing that fills your abdomen first and then fills your chest is the way to go! Most people only take shallow breaths all day long that only use about a third of their lung capacity, don’t give their diaphragm any exercise, and miss out on a really easy way to add valuable oxygen to their blood cells. So slow it down and breathe deeply!

On the seventh day of healthierness my trainer said to me:

Exercise on every day of the week

Our bodies need exercise to stay at peak health, and we evolved in a way that relies on getting that exercise every single day. That doesn’t mean that you have to take a class everyday (even though that would be great for you), just that some real physical exertion in an intentional way everyday — even for just 15 minutes — will do wonders for your health and longevity.

On the eighth day of healthierness my trainer said to me:

Eight glasses of water is just too much!

Staying hydrated is really important for health, but the common misconception that you need to drink eight glasses of water a day is not based on reliable scientific research. Not everyone is the same;most of us get a lot of water from the foods we eat; and, outside temperature and how much we sweat make a difference, too. The best rule of thumb is to “drink when you’re thirsty until you’re not thirsty.”

On the ninth day of healthierness my trainer said to me:

Say nine nice things to people you know

We sometimes take the people we’re closest to for granted. Showing appreciation for even small things can do a lot for another person’s mood, and can leave us with a feeling of connection and warmth for another person. “Thanks for making the coffee, it’s great” or “Great job getting ready for school so quickly,” go a long way.

On The tenth day of healthierness my trainer said to me:

Workout smarter not longer

Extensive research shows that just 10 minutes of high intensity interval training (HIIT) can do wonders for your body and mind, and efficiently help you change your physical condition for the better. Done properly, HIIT can significantly increase aerobic and anaerobic fitness, decrease fasting insulin levels and increase insulin sensitivity, and reduce both subcutaneous fat (under the skin) and dangerous abdominal (“visceral”) fat that can build up around internal organs. So push “smarter!”

On the eleventh day of healthierness my trainer said to me:

Connect with eleven friends

Reaching out to a friend or acquaintance with whom you haven’t spoken in awhile will bring both of you a sense of belonging. By building a community we feel more connected and life can become more fulfilling.

On the twelfth day of healthierness my trainer said to me:

Eat foods with 1/12 the ingredients as usual

We all know that eating “real” food is important to our health, and the more ingredients a particular food contains, the more likely a lot of those ingredients are artificial. Try to prepare all natural meals as often as possible — which means avoiding heavily processed “factory foods” — and aim for dishes with 5 or fewer ingredients.

On the thirteenth day of healthierness my trainer said to me:

Write down thirteen good experiences from the past year

For some people 13 is lucky…for everyone else, it’s easy to make it so! Think of 13 experiences you had over the past year that brought you good feelings or happy memories and write them down. The simple act of writing down these experiences on paper helps our memory as well as recreates those good moments…and can even ignite your dopamine receptors!

Let’s Shine


Vince Lombardi: It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.
Winston Churchill: Never, never, never, never give up.
Lee Iacocca: You’ve got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it. It’s called perseverance.
It’s a bright sunny day! When you shine on the inside everyone around you Feels it. This can be a practice…..

Here are 3 ways to Shine

  1. Thank someone for something. It can be for a small gesture or big. There are people around you always making you smile- seek out those moments.
  2. Do what makes you ” tick.” Maybe you enjoy coffee with a good friend, reading. gardening or taking a class. Know your joys, and take time for them.
  3. You know this ones coming. – Exercise! A good sweat. Moving our mind and connecting with our body can leave us fully invigorated for a long time. Make it a daily practice.

Whatever your challenge is. You can find peace in small everyday wonders.

How will you shine so others will benefit from your light?

To your fitness success,

Tracey Gerety

Enjoy The Process!


Everyday we are faced with choices and decisions.

When we finally make up our mind and are ready to change, then it’s important to enjoy the process.

Besides if it was very easy then you may not value it , and the healthy habit would never stick.  Loosing weight or getting Fit are great decisions, but you can’t get get descouraged if you make the decision and then after a week of eating healthy and working out nothing happens.   You will get there, it’s just 10 years of bad habits don’t go away in just one week, it’s a process.  When we plant vegetables in a garden, we water and soil and wait.  When the crop starts to appear we can’t abandon the process, we still need to attend to the crop.

The same goes for our goals,  we have to live in the present and enjoy the steps we take toward our goals.  Each Workout, every healthy food , is part of the process to enjoy. When our challenges align with our goals we are taking steps and making changes to get to the next level.   Keep your goals, focus on the changes, enjoy the process, you are living out your dreams……

Tracey G.



More classes, More times = A better you!

Mojo Mantra


This week I will be positive, productive and playful!

The Power of 3 P’s!  Did you know that our self-talk can really inspire us to live happily?   When we focus on the good things we have today, nothing will get in our way:-)

Anything we put in our mind can create a ripple effect in our lives.   So when you say I am sick, or I am tired, then you are giving yourself permission to feel BLAH.   However, when you say I AM healthy, I AM strong, I AM productive…..You are bringing all that goodness into your life.

So often when things don’t go our way, we let that affect our internal voice.  If we keep our internal voice healthy, our outer world will shine brighter and open up the doors of possibility.

When things are going well we feel lighter and hopeful.    A healthy mind compliments a healthy body.

Using MOTION to create positivity is a great tool to have in your tool box. MOTION can be moving from one room to another, or taking a walk, just get up and go.   Notice how movement can shift you back to your true self and lets your energy radiate to those around you.

To your success!

Tracey G.

A New Way to Workout


With all the choices out there to help you get fit these days… it can be overwhelming and confusing as to where to start. There is Cross-fit, Cycle classes, TRX training, Barre classes and Kettlebells. When you haven’t worked out in a while or are trying to get back in shape, keeping it simple is a good place to start. Anyone can use fancy equipment to enhance or add excitement to a workout, but do you really need any equipment to get in shape? How about using your own bodyweight to train? Chances are you weigh over 100lbs and that’s a pretty big goal to be able to lift! The truth is we really don’t need anything but our god given gift to get in shape and to stay in shape. Try holding up your body on your hands and toes… for 30 seconds. This alone helps joints, builds bone density, core strength and heart health. From here add in squats, high knee jogs and you’ve got a workout you can do anytime anywhere and it costs nothing! To me that’s good news and a great New Way to workout! Of course you can buy fancy shoes, use high end equipment, squeeze into a space in a crowded room, but if your goal is to get in shape… keeping it simple seems like a really great plan.

5 Quick Tips!

Here are 5 quick tips to make your fitness goals a reality.
1. Write it down. Whether you want to lose 5 pounds, do 20 push-ups in a row, run a 5k, write it down so it becomes a REAL goal
2. Share it! ask a buddy who has the same goal to join you or check in with you weekly for accountability.
3. Do something everyday (early in the day if you can) toward your goal. start small like walking for 10minutes or cut out 1 cookie.
4. Talk about it, write about it, post it, blog it. The more you are living your healthy lifestyle the more it becomes a part of YOU!
5. Read or take a workshop. Gather as much information on what you are trying to achieve. The Internet, google, utube are great sources at our finger tips for healthy lifestyle information.

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