Change Your Channel!

When was the last time you paused to think about what you were thinking?  We all have this constant noise in our heads creating our reality at each moment. Did you know you could change the channel inside to relieve stress, increase productivity and refresh your mind?  Certain things happen everyday that we can shake off, ignore or let fester and create damage in our world.   The good news is YOU get to choose what your thoughts are and therefore your life can become anything you want it to be.   Maybe you are having a bad day because you have a sick kid at home and you can’t go to work, or do anything you intended too.   Or maybe you want something and for some reason you are trying but can’t get it?    The noise inside our head can say, ” I am not good enough”,  “I wish I could do that”, “I don’t deserve this”.  When the talk inside your head is negative it’s up to you to create your own shift. Turn the knob and change that channel.

Here are 5 ways to move into a better mood:

  1. Don’t complain. We all have troubles and struggles.  Look at these as an opportunity, read a book on the issue, talk to a friend, step away from what you are complaining about and visualize what life will be like when it’s gone.
  2. Accept. You are struggling for a reason and the path you are on will only make you stronger.
  3. Say No. Don’t let the negative thoughts in your head. Instead say “I am strong”,  “I am pretty”, “I am confident”,  ” I am right where I am supposed to be”
  4. Work it out. YES! I mean sweat or hit the Yoga Mat.  The shift will be instantaneous.
  5. List it.   When you are really stuck, just write out what’s bothering you. Start with even though….. (your problem) “I trust and accept myself.” This will help you shift your thoughts and create a new improved reality.

DO you have a special way to knock out negative thoughts and move on?

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