A Fat Free Snow Day

Are all these snow days dampening your spirit, or are they giving you a much needed break to the routine? It’s how you answer that question that may affect the amount of fat you accumulate around your mid-section.

You may be aware that just diet and exercise are only one component to get you fit.

The big picture, when it comes to loosing fat is keeping your hormones at an even pace. The good news is a few minor tweaks will set you on the path for success.

Here are a couple suggestions, including my favorite number 5!

1) Sleep in!
You know you have a delay or school closing, so why not catch up on a few zzzz’s. Sleep also helps regulate your metabolism and sets your rhythms so you can be alert and healthy.

2) De-Stress
The stress hormone cortisol blocks your efforts to lose weight by slowing down your metabolism. High cortisol can trigger stress eating by stimulating cravings for high-fat and high-carb foods. Managing stress on a snow-day, can be an early morning break if the kids sleep in. A mid-afternoon tea or meditation.
For info on how to sit quiet try downloading the APP (Headspace) for free.

3) Cook something
A snow day means you are all stuck inside. Without a hectic routine, this is a great time to cook because you can take the time to try a new recipe or involve the kids. Wholesome slow cooked food made with natural ingredients gets us healthy and fit.

4) Eat Protein for breakfast:
Jump start your metabolism! Eat protein within 30 minutes after waking up to start burning calories and keeping your sugar levels even. Try eggs, yogurt, or any type of nut butter are excellent choices.

5) Get up and move!
Exercise is so beneficial to cognitive function and can ward off boredom by stimulating creativity. Shorts bursts of movement are proven to burn more calories and create lean muscle than steady state workouts.

Try one of these:
a. Shoveling burns up to 400 calories an hour and uses almost every muscle in the body.

b. A quick walk in the snow is similar to walking on sand. It recruits more leg and core muscles than ordinary walking.

c. Sledding and Skiing are both a great bang for the buck because it’s family time and a calorie burner.

d. For an Indoor workout try a 20 minute Tabata workout, a game of tag, or freeze dance with the kids!

“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.”

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