FitWalk Path to Weight Loss Program


We’re so excited to be offering our new FitWalk Path to Weight Loss Program, starting July 12. It’s unlike any other weight loss program we know of … it’s four weeks long … and it’s limited to only ten people! … and you don’t even need to be in FitWalk (although we certainly encourage you to work out).

Step 1:  We think knowledge is the place to start:

  • 90% of people who lose weight through conventional diets gain all or most of it back … plus, their ‘resting metabolism’ goes down and stays down! In other words, dieting alone is not the answer.
  • ‘Calorie restriction’ often leads to storing more fat cells! We’ll talk about why, and how to avoid that trap.
  • Exercise is not only essential, it’s one of the keys to keeping the weight off — and it’s not just about burning calories while you work out (there’s more to it!).
  • Scientists have known for over a decade that unhealthy habits actually rewire our brains in a way that can not only perpetuate a given habit, but make it worse over time. There are practical ways to undo that, which is a big part of our program.

Step 2:  Understanding your starting point. Everyone is unique, and one size does NOT fit all. In Step 2, we’ll assess your starting point and objectives, and together we’ll tailor YOUR program accordingly.

Step 3:  Planning! Many people make the mistake of thinking that all the ‘planning’ they need to do to successfully lose weight and keep it off is to pick a diet, pick a weight loss goal, make a vague resolution to exercise more, and bingo!, they’re ready to go! We think they’re ready to fail. Here’s what we’ll help you build into your plan:

  • Incrimental stages, with milestones that make sense;
  • A positive support system for ongoing encouragement and accountability;
  • Contingencies for holidays / special occasions, as well as for when you ‘fall off the horse,’ which we all do now and then;
  • A strategy for steadily undoing the wrong-way wiring that keeps you craving unhealthy “escape” foods, and replacing it with healthy, life sustaining, fit and trim wiring that will help you live the life you want!; and,
  • Daily journaling to record your successes, rough spots, inspirations and insights, as well as to reinforce your dedication to a new you!

The cost to be part of the FitWalk Path to Weight Loss Program is just $60 per person for the four-week program. And, as an added incentive, if you sign up in the next three days, we’ll give you a free FitWalk group-class credit (if you don’t yet have a FitWalk account, it’s easy to create one and it’s free – just follow the link below).

Click above to sign in and book it!

(you can also create a new account from an above link) 

Take advantage now –- the program is limited to ten participants, and it starts July 12.

Here’s what else you can expect:

  • Recommended ‘best food’ choices to increase your energy and boost your mood
  • ‘Sample day’ menu to help shed the weight
  • Personal tracking and recommendations from Coach Tracey to help you focus and reach your goal
  • Private facebook group to share your journey
  • Bi-weekly self improvement affirmation and excusive slim tips from Tracey
  • And (optional) daily motivational text messages

So don’t wait –- join us for the FitWalk Path to Weight Loss Program. Boost your energy, brighten your mood, feel and look great!

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