FitWalk is starting again May 12th!

FitWalk is a branded fitness program for all levels. Fitwalk is a traveling  bootcamp program designed to inspire the general population of fit and non fit individuals to move in new ways and really step into a new fitness level. Tracey created fitwalk in 2004, after having 2 children and needing to step up her program to reach a higher level of fitness. Fitwalk incorporates traditional strength training (using light weights) , agility and speed intervals, body weight training, core function and cardio in an outdoor environment which is fun for all. The program is designed for up to 3 or 4 classes a week. Results are almost immediate due to the combination of fresh air , cardio and strength combined with group camaraderie. This dynamic program is community building ad is headed to help make our nation fit and healthy!

The Benefits of FitWalk Include

  1. Lean body muscle and weight loss due to strength training and cardio combination work.
  2. An increase in working heart rate from 5 to 17 beats per minute versus walking without weights
  3. A release of pain and muscle tension in neck/shoulder/back region, due to strength training moves
  4. Activation of muscle groups not ordinarily used in fitness walking, including core,shoulder muscles, large pectoral muscles, broad back muscles, triceps and biceps.
  5. Expending approximately 400 calories per hour vs. 280 calories per hour in normal walking.
  6. Increase in balance, oxygen level, and overall strength due to the training format and stability exercises.

“You discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be” – Pantanjali

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