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FitWalk is an outdoor ‘body / brain / spirit’ workout for women and men that combines (1) the latest high intensity interval training for core strength, (2) purposeful distance walking for cardio, and, according to the latest scientific research, the creation of more brain cells! (yes, for real! — according to the evidence, we can all actually grow more brain cells from outdoor distance walking!), and (3) mindfulness challenges for stress reduction and personal growth.

FitWalk truly is the total workout that nature had in mind.

Classes involve hand-weights (1 – 7 lbs., as appropriate for your strength and current conditioning), which are not provided (sorry). From time-to-time, other equipment, like stretchy bands and other helpful workout tools, are provided to give you a well-rounded workout that gets you / keeps you in peek shape.

Tracey Gerety, the creator of FitWalk, is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor, and a longtime certified yoga instructor for all age categories (among other credentials) who has years of experience working with clients of every description. She drew on that deep knowledge and expertise to develop a workout experience that is comprehensive, really effective, low-impact, and “back to nature” … literally.

Classes are offered in both Tuckahoe and Scarsdale (links to Google Maps are provided below — click on the related button for locations.)

Come feel the energy, the comradery, the boost to your confidence, the strength of a new direction in your health, wellness, resolve, AND LIFE, and the calm sense that you made a great choice.

We are all of that. We are FitWalk. We are here for you. Come join us.

Benefits of FitWalk that You Can Look Forward To:

  • Weight loss and development of lean muscle tissue
  • On average, 20% increase in energy due to format and intensity training
  • A release of pain and muscle tension in neck/shoulder/back region due to strength training moves
  • Activation of  all major muscle groups not ordinarily used in fitness walking, including shoulder muscles, large pectoral muscles, broad back muscles, biceps and triceps
  • Expending approximately 500 calories per session
  • Increase in balance, oxygen level, and overall strength due to the training format and stability exercises.

Choose the Package that Works Best For You:

• 10-Class Group-FitWalk Package$119.95
• 2-Month UNLIMITED FitWalk Group Classes$300
• 20-Class Group-FitWalk Package$219.95
• 5-Class Group-FitWalk Package$69.95
• QUICK 8-Pack 20-Minute Group Classes$70

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We also offer personal FitWalk training – see FITWALK ONE-ON-ONE below for details.

FitWalk Class Schedule and locations:

To view our current class schedule, please click on the ‘See Schedule’ button at the top of this page.

Class locations:

Different classes regularly meet at one of the locations listed below, which are shown for each class on the booking calendar:

Tuckahoe:  1 Lake Avenue, Bronxville Pond

Scarsdale:  6 Greenacres Avenue, Bronx River Park

We reserve the right to change the schedule at any time in our sole discretion and without notice.  Our lawyers made us say that.  But don’t worry—we want to make you happy and won’t change anything that works well for our wonderful members!

Any Class, Any Time:

When you purchase a 5-class, 10-class, or 20-class package, you can attend as many classes per week as you like, up to the total in the package (we recommend spacing them out a bit), and mix up your choices as your schedule permits. And, you can use the selected number of classes anytime within six months from the date of purchase. Keep in mind, however, that (a) to attend a particular class, you have to sign up for that class ahead of time, and (b) we limit the number of students in each class to ensure that every student receives the attention they deserve so you may not be able to be in every class you want.  Accordingly, we recommend that you sign up for your choices as early as you can to be assured of getting the time slots you want.

If you already know which classes you want to attend, you can sign up at anytime, as far in advance as you like within the 6-month timeframe starting at the date of purchase.

Cancellation Policy:

If something comes up and you can’t attend a class that you signed up for, let us know as soon as possible so the missed class won’t count against the total number you paid for.  If you let us know at least a day in advance, then it won’t be counted.  If it’s less than 24 hours in advance, then we’ll only count it if we don’t fill the slot before class time…but we will also consider extenuating circumstances in some cases.

Refund Policy:

If at any time up to 30 days after purchasing your class series you decide that the program isn’t right for you, for any reason, just let us know and we’ll promptly refund your money.  No hard feelings!


With FitWalk One-On-One personal training you can get an occasional boost whenever you need it, or the ongoing customized workouts you crave.  The two available formats / price options include:

• 45-minute FitWalk One-On-One workout:$60
• 60-minute FitWalk One-On-One workout:$75

You can purchase one or more FitWalk One-On-One workouts at a time, which are good for up to six months following purchase.  Scheduling for FitWalk One-On-One workouts is flexible, and arranged by phone or email, and subject to the same cancellation and refund policies described above except that refunds only apply to unused FitWalk One-On-One purchases.

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“You discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be” – Pantanjali

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