Are you sabotaging your weight-loss efforts?

It’s not what you are doing but what you aren’t doing that might be holding you back from getting in shape.

Here are five game changers in the world of health, fitness and weight loss:

1. Are you drinking enough water? Our bodies are 60% water. Drinking pure H2O rids the body of excess toxins and helps elevate your metabolism. Yes, an afternoon iced tea or coffee is harmless but watch out for those lattes and sodas – even diet soda tricks the body and can backfire.

2. Are you moving enough? You have finally committed to some form of consistent workout which is wonderful, but are you sedentary the rest of the day? Our daily activity level plays a huge role in our overall health and wellness. Think of ways to add in a short walk – incorporating any extra movement throughout your day is great!

3. Can you change it up? If you have reached a plateau, just a slight increase in your intensity or focus on your form will make your body work harder and burn more calories. Adding heavier weights or extending the duration of your workout further enhances this process. Even a small tweak will give results!

4. What are you saying to yourself? If you are saying “I’m fat” or “I’ll never look good,” no wonder nothing is happening for you. Avoid any negative self-talk. Nip it and instead try “I’m working out to get healthy” and “I love the way I feel during my workout” and “I’m am getting stronger every day and I’m going to continue so I can see results.” Be unstoppable! Positioning self-talk works!

5. Stop! Are you always too busy running here and there? When we stop and take a minute to be really present we calm our nervous system down. This regulates the cortisol levels which store fat in your body. So…take a daily mental health break. Allow your mind to rest by focusing on your breath or just tuning into your surroundings – studies show that just three minutes a day will improve your health!

We hope you find this helpful and can implement some of these ideas into your healthy world!

Keep up the fit!

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