Small Group Training & Challenges

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We offer a few different small group options: 10 to 60 day challenges of intense daily workouts to jump start your routine or get you on shape for an

Small group maintenance program two or three classes a week of semi private personal training to get and continue real results.

Drop in semi private training by appointment only.

The benefits of small group include: but are not limited to:

Individual goal achievement, weight loss, fat loss, Improve heart health, improve muscle mass and improve mental and physical health due to the safe and effective programming of Befit semi private training.

What happens after 2 weeks and beyond

  • Avoid Cardiovascular Disease
  • Build muscle
  • Loose Inches
  • Lose Weight
  • Mental Health


Befit training methods incorporate a complete weekly program of cross training. Using different training modalities (secret formula)
such as cardio intervals Tabata, agility polymeric strength. Using cutting edge résistance. Tubing kettles. Slam balls body bars. TRX
Body weight. pushups, planks. Lunges. Squats. Unique variations and combinations to shock the muscles and stimulate the brain.
Double positive!

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