Sharpen The Saw! Plus Free Tabata Workout

The summer of my junior year of college I was a swim instructor at a local day camp.   I had so much fun teaching the kids their strokes and how to breath and blow bubbles.  I grew up swimming in a lake,  being in the water felt very natural.   Now that my kids are becoming strong swimmers, I find myself in the water again, not teaching, but actually swimming.  This past week I swam a few laps and besides my goggles fogging, I was having a hard time finding a rhythm.  The woman in my same lane asked if she could offer some advice.  “Sure” I said, thinking to myself with my ego of “I used to teach this.” Turns out she was a former triathlon winner!  “You need to re-learn the breathing in freestyle”, she said.  She then went on to demonstrate and then watched me carefully to see what I was doing that might harm my stroke. I listened to her and was open and receptive. I learned what I was doing wrong and found out I had created a couple bad habits along the way.  My breathing technique in water will take practice, but will be so worth it to add fluidity and duration to my swims.

We can all continue to learn, grow, and sometimes re-visit activities that make us happy.  To “Sharpen the saw” as Steven Covey put it, is to breath life into anything we do.

If we want to change, we can’t keep doing the same activities at the same intensity level and expect to get fit.

I recently took a training in Tabata Bootcamp. Tabata is a method of training offering short intensity bursts with recovery.  This type of training, pushes you to work a little harder for quicker results and lean muscle build up without the bulk.  We have added the Tabata method into our FitWalk® program in 3 separate blocks so even a beginner can keep up and gain the benefits!

Below are more details from Tabata Bootcamp on how this type of training is more effective in a short period of time to increase the metabolism vs. steady state workouts like walking or running.   If you want to Sharpen your Fitness Saw…This is the way to do it!

EPOC: More is not better, better is better!

Excess postexercise oxygen consumption – amount of oxygen consumed after excise is competed by the body to return to rest which has been shown to accelerate weigh loss. EPOC consumes oxygen at an elevated rate, as well as expends energy at an elevated rate, by the following methods:

  1. Replenishment for the immediate source of energy known as the phosphate system. The body is also resting the muscle glycogen that was consumed during exercise.
  2. The body also continues to expend energy posy exercise to re-oxygenate the blood. Also during post exercise, the body restores levels of circulatory hormones to normal.
  3. During EPOC, the body expends energy t cool off after exercise.
  4. Energy is also consumed at an elevated rate to return the body to a normal breathing and heart rate.

Evidence suggests that high intensity interval resistance training has a more pronounced effect on EPOC levels than similar types of aerobic training. Additionally, current research indicates that as resistance intensity increases, the EPOC duration also increases. In a 2011 study, one 6 minute workout bout produced 5 times the calories and the metabolism remained elevated for 24 hours burning an additional 250 calories. This total of 300 calories is comparable to what people typically burn during 30 minutes of steady state exercise.

In summary, intermittent high-intensity resistance training appears to have the greatest effect on EPOC. Weight loss benefits of EPOC for men and women participating in resistance exercise occur over a prolonged time period, since calories are expended at a low rate in postexercise. However, body fat loss is typically higher for HIIT resistance training programs as compared to steady state only based programs.

Try This TABATA WORKOUT At Home Today!

Try this Tabata workout anywhere, to create a shift in our world we have to get out of our own way and sometimes a little resistance training can go along way. Have only 10 mins?   Do two sets instead of three.

ALL are 20 second 2x with 10 second rest in between. Enjoy!:

  1. X Squats
  2. Lunges  Right leg up and down then switch
  3. Plank mountain climbers
  4. Standing Abs elbow to knee
  5. Downdog push ups
  6. V-Sit Moving only arms out and up
  7. Interval Burpee with Push-up
  8. Jumping jacks
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