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Have you ever wondered how some people seem to be FIT without effort? Recent research indicates certain types of workouts are proven way more effective than others. This winter, (Fitwalk ®) comes indoors with the most effective training method available just in time for a Spring Shape-Up!

We use the HIIT method. High Intensity Interval Training. This training shows great success in fitness gain and weight loss and takes less time to achieve the results. This is the same training format as Fitwalk®, minus the traveling. We use major muscle groups, compound movement and we tap into the energy sources in each muscle. Spring training will keep the body guessing so the body works hard to recover and uses more energy (calories) to repair itself post exercise.

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The FitWalk to wellness program gives you the tools to get body and life you deserve. FitWalk is an outdoor traveling bootcamp(Tm). FitWalk offers a comprehensive workout in a short period of time to maximize the effects. Learn our six-step program to overcome weight loss issues, burn fat, gain strength and fight unhealthy habits. Unlimited access to a build in support community and a fresh start so you can be the best person you are meant to be. Think it, Don’t quit, BeFit. Success is coming your way! Private FitWalk Available Now!

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