We’re going back outside starting Wednesday!


We are excited to announce that because the weather is getting nice again — and in honor of Earth Day — FitWalk is officially going back outside starting this Wednesday, April 22.  All classes will be outdoors except the Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 a.m. classes. Those will remain inside until mid May.

So, starting Wednesday, we’ll meet for each class (other than those noted above) in Tuckahoe at the end of Lake Avenue near the Bronxville Duck Pond.

For those of you who have been FitWalk members for a while, you know the routine. For those of you who joined us after we moved inside for the Winter, here are a few things to expect and prepare for:

  • FitWalk‘s foundation is walking, interspersed with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which means that when we’re outdoors, we cover a nice distance along the path, get some strength training while moving, and stop at certain points to enhance our workout using benches, bridge railings, and the natural “tools” that are there to use.
  • We recommend using hand weights during all of the walking phases of the workout, which we make great use of along the way. Please bring a pair of 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-lb. hand weights to class with you (whatever you feel comfortable with). If you don’t own hand weights and can’t purchase them before your next class, don’t worry — we have some we can lend you until you have a chance.
  • Because you will have your hands occupied during the entire session, a “fanny pack” or suitable pockets for your keys and phone will be helpful.
  • The weather is warming up nicely, but if it’s a little chilly, an extra layer might be advisable. Keep in mind, though, that we workout hard, so you will generate a lot of internal heat — you’ll likely need less than you think.
  • Lots of people like to have water with them during workouts, but keep in mind that your hands will be occupied a lot. A belt water-holder might be a good option.
  • Regarding footwear, we recommend “whatever is comfortable for you” when it comes to distance walking — maybe sneakers, maybe jogging shoes, maybe cross trainers.  We’ll be on a mostly flat surface, so “hiking” treads are unnecessary.
  • There are no public restrooms in the Park. So plan to (ahem) “go” ahead.

We always stay together as a team, and no one EVER gets left behind. Even though our classes include members who may be at different fitness levels, that’s fine:  advanced students work harder, beginners progress according to what’s right for them. That’s how it should be, AND THAT’S HOW IT IS!  

We’re going outside! It’s about time! Goodbye Winter!

Let’s have fun, breathe the air, get some sunshine, and get fit!

Healthfully yours,

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